Always In Our Hearts

Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson grew up in a wealthy New Jersey suburb, meeting and falling in love while still in high school, then set out for college with their classmates. But in November of their freshmen year, the two spent a night in a Delaware motel room where, after hiding her pregnancy from her family and her friends for nine months, Amy gave birth to a baby boy. Only she and Brian knew the child even existed. A few hours later, Amy was back at her college, Brian was back at his college, and their baby was nowhere to be found. It was only when the mess they left behind in their motel room triggered a search that the newborn’s corpse turned up in the motel dumpster. Instantly, the case caused a countrywide outrage, and the teenagers ended up in court, facing the death penalty and desperately fighting for their lives. It was a story that captivated the country, and “Always in Our Hearts” is the true and detailed telling of their lives, their crime, and how things spun so horribly out of control for them.


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