Governor Mike Dukakis and his history with the MBTA

Mike DukakisWhen I wrote an email to Governor Dukakis about how he wanted to do our event together at the JFK Library on Friday, April 4 (register by clicking here), I was shocked to get a reply in about 5 minutes. I knew he was busy teaching in California at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs. Nonetheless, his reply tickled me. He wrote:

I am about halfway through your book– somebody gave it to me as a gift– and it is one great read. I thought I knew something about Massachusetts history and its transit system, but nobody ever told me that a guy named Henry Whitney from Brookline not only played a key role in the whole thing but was responsible for turning Beacon St. in Brookline into a two hundred foot boulevard with a street car down the middle of it . Kitty and I were riding the old wooden street cars on Beacon St. when we were barely out of infancy!



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