Mensa and Subways

mensaI have done at least 50 different events related to “The Race Underground”, but holy cow was my event at “Brilliance in Beantown,” the annual Mensa convention, a rollicking good time. It was a crowded room, probably close to 100 people, and they were loud, eager, excited, and, yes, sorta smart. They were quick to jump on me if I misstated something, or said something historical that’s considered debatable.

When I connected Thomas Edison with inventing electricity, they pounced all over me like bees to honey. “REFINED IT, MAYBE!” one voice shouted out. OK, fine.

But by far the best line came when I said I was going to read a passage from the book, from the first day Boston’s subway opened, September 1, 1897. An odd, audible sigh came from the back of the packed room, and I said with a smile, “What? Was that a sigh?” And another voice piped up, “She remembers that day fondly.”

The room erupted in laughter. A great time, thanks for the laughs and keeping my on my toes, Mensans. Here is my earlier link to some Mensa trivia.


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